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Tools for Media Pros

In the vast world of media, it can be hard to find your place in it. Use these tools to help you reach your business and personal goals.
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5 Ways to Use Social Media On Air or In Print
Use social media to create new content for your newscast, newspaper or magazine. Use these tips as part of your social media strategy.

Social Networking Rules for Media Pros
There aren't any official rules for social networking but there might as well be. Make sure your social networking behavior isn't hurting you or your brand more than it's helping.

Tips on Avoiding Twitter Trouble at Your Media Company
Twitter's 140-character limit is still enough space to be dangerous. Avoid Twitter trouble so that your company and your career don't suffer damage.

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+
Every social media site has its strengths and weaknesses. Spot the pros and cons of these tools for media pros so you can decide which one(s) will better serve your media strategy.

How You Should Use Google Plus for Business
Google Plus has quickly shown it's a contender as a social media platform. With hundreds of millions of users using Google Plus, you can extend your brand to reach new faces in new places.

Use Facebook to Boost Your Media Brand
While Facebook is the dominant form of social media, it can also help you build your traditional media brand. Whether you work in print or broadcasting, use the power of Facebook's millions of users to make a more personal connection with your audience.

How Media Pros Use Twitter
Despite its character limits, Twitter is a critical tool for any media pro. Find out how media pros are using Twitter and connecting with everyone from their community to their peers.

Social TV and How to Build Both Television and Social Media Audiences
Social TV combines the power of social media with television. Use them together to build your social media presence while also boosting your advertising revenue.

Twitter Directory for Journalists
Journalists on Twitter are often the fastest at reporting breaking news. Use the journalists on Twitter directory to find the people using this form of social media to bring you the news in 140 characters or less.

Use Twitter to Build Your Media Brand
Building your media brand through Twitter's 140-character limit may sound difficult, but short bursts of information can be powerful. Stregthen your Twitter skills so that your target audience members not only follow your tweets, but also becomes loyal users of your traditional media products.

Social Networking for News Media Professionals
Today's news media professionals are using social networking tools to find story ideas, connect with their audiences and to become sources for breaking news. Use media social networking tips and tricks to take advantage of technology that's changing the way you report the news.

Develop a Social Media Strategy for Researching News Stories
You have millions of news sources at your fingertips through social networks. A social media strategy allows you to use those sources to research news stories, find people to interview and promote your content.

SEO Tips for Editors
Today's media pros must know as much about search engine optimization as they do about newsgathering. SEO tools are the foundation of getting readers to your media site.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page
Put your media outlet in front of thousands of people at no cost. Set up a Facebook business page to promote your stories and connect with your audience.

Top Paying Media Jobs
Working in the media isn't the fastest way to fatten your wallet. But you can make money as a media professional and these jobs are some of the best-paying in the industry.

Salaries in the News Business
Looking to earn a bigger paycheck? Several factors play a part in how much journalists earn.

Nielsen Local Television Markets
The Nielsen Company's report ranks all local television markets so you can see the market size you're working in. A comparison of the previous year also shows which cities have moved up in the rankings and which ones have moved down.

Arbitron Radio Marketing Rankings
The top radio markets in the country are ranked from 1 to 291. Also see each city's audience size.

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