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Advertise your media brand with creative techniques that get results.

More Tips on Building Your Media Brand
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The Risks and Rewards of Hiring New News Reporters

New news reporters present risks and rewards for any newsroom. Get the most out of your new news reporters, who will become your veteran staff members of tomorrow.

Why Critiquing Your Employees Is Good for Morale

Critiquing your employees isn't the same as criticizing them. There are many reasons why critiquing your employees' job performance is good for their morale.

5 Ways to Boost the Performance of Your New Employees

New employees are a gamble for any boss. If you want to make sure your new employees measure up to your expectations, these 5 ways will boost their performance.

Will Fox and Time Warner Merge?

Fox and Time Warner are already among the largest media companies on the planet. Find out more about what they could control if they join forces.

5 Reasons New News Reporters Quit the Media Industry

New news reporters are eager to launch their career, yet many leave the media industry after a short time. These are the top 5 reasons new reporters quit the job they'd always wanted.

Start a Newsroom Mentorship Program

Starting a newsroom mentorship program can help your entire company. These tips can help your newer employees learn from your most seasoned veterans.

5 Ways to Help New TV Reporters Succeed

Newsrooms take risks when rookie TV reporters are hired. You can help new reporters succeed using these five tips.

5 Mistakes New News Reporters Make

It's not easy being a new news reporter. These are the 5 common mistakes that new news reporters make and how they can be corrected.

5 Ways Your Company Can Use Instagram

If your company isn't using Instagram, you're missing an opportunity to expand your reach and grow your audience. These 5 tips get you started today.

Start a News Blog

Starting a news blog requires careful planning. Know how to start a news blog so that you'll reach the biggest audience possible.

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