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Shooting and Editing

You've got the best equipment, but the instructions don't explain how to make your shooting and editing stand out from the crowd. From taking photographs and video to compiling your work using an editing system, get the tips you need to make your gear grab your audience's attention.

10 Video Tips for Professional-Looking Results
Shooting video involves more than just grabbing a camera and hitting the record button. With these 10 video tips, learn the secrets that media videographers use to become an expert shooter.

How to Shoot Steady Video
Shooting professional video usually requires getting steady shots. While a tripod is a useful tool, it can easily become a crutch. Shoot creative video without a tripod by knowing how to position your body, where to stand and which props to use to steady your camera.

Shoot More Effective Widescreen Video
Widescreen video is changing the way people view television. But basic shooting principles still apply for videographers capturing widescreen video.

Avoid Unnecessary Zooms and Pans
Zooms and pans can be powerful storytelling effects. Plan your zooms and pans carefully to avoid amateurish video that distracts your viewers.

Shoot Creative Video
Creative video isn't just for moviemakers. News crews can also shoot creative video to make their stories more powerful.

How to Shoot Live TV Video
Shooting live TV video doesn't give you second chances to get great shots. Learn the tricks of shooting live TV video that is on the air the moment you flip on your camera.

Shooting News Stories on Retail Businesses Without Looking Like a TV Commercial
You've been sent to shoot a news story at a retail business. Shooting the story is much different than producing a commercial. Make sure you don't cross the line between video journalism and advertising.

Top 10 Rules for Video Editing
Video should tell your story just as much as your words. Follow the fundamentals of good video editing to create solid visuals for viewers.

Horizontal Vs. Vertical Photographs
Photographers often shoot horizontally, but vertical images shouldn't be ignored. Find out which types of images are best for horizontal shooting and which ones should have you turning the camera to shoot vertically.

Videography and Photography Lighting
The right lighting is crucial for photographers and videographers trying to capture a story, many times with only one chance to get it right. View examples of five types of lighting in action to determine which type of lighting is best for your setting.

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