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Glenn Halbrooks

Glenn Halbrooks

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Glenn Halbrooks has more than 29 years of experience working as a media professional. Like most people in the industry, he is excited about the technological revolution that's underway in how we receive and deliver information.


For the past 11 years, Glenn has been the weeknight news anchor/managing editor for a CBS TV affiliate. He overhauled the station's website, launching social networking platforms and training staff on using these new tools while maintaining standards of accuracy, attribution and fairness.

Glenn also leads his station's on-air and online branding efforts, from logo and graphic design to brand positioning. He co-authored the station's policy and style manual, which helps staff members learn policies on writing and ethics so they'll make the right decisions in the field, on-air and online.

Previously, Glenn worked as station manager and over the years as a videographer, reporter, anchor, senior news producer and news promotion producer. He has been a part of news teams that have won Emmy Awards for "Best Newscast" and has won Associated Press and American Advertising Federation awards.


Glenn has a B.A. degree in communications with concentrations in broadcasting and journalism from Mercer University.

By Glenn Halbrooks:

When I started in television news, videotape was new, changing a typewriter's ink ribbon was a regular part of the day and cigarette smoke filled the newsroom. Today, anyone can be a part of the media from their own home computer. That makes this the most exciting time to work in the industry. I will help you stay updated on media tools and trends while following the challenges confronting traditional media and the opportunities in the new media landscape.

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