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These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 6 Types of Media Advertising
Media advertising involves more than just making a 30-second commercial or placing a display ad in a print publication. Decide which of six types of ads will reach your audience and deliver the results you want.
How Politicians Use the Media to Win Elections
Media and politics usually mix as well as oil and water. Reporters seek the truth, while politicans seek election. See the 8 ways politicians can successfully manipulate media coverage to get votes.
Understand The Nielsen TV Ratings
Almost everyone has heard of the Nielsen TV ratings, which are used to measure which programs are blockbuster hits and which ones are underperforming. Even seasoned media pros have a hard time interpreting the numbers. Learn how to use Nielsen data to track the popularity of TV shows.
How Media Censorship Affects the News
Media censorship may bring to mind government-controlled news reports from a Cold War-era communist country. But in America today, the news is censored in your hometown newspaper or on network television in ways you may not realize.
Big Media and the Top 10 Media Companies
Big media is defined by 10 companies that are broadcast, print and online leaders. Learn about the top 10 big media companies, what they own and how they influence what we see, hear and read.
12 Events that Triggered Media Coverage Evolution
Some news events have the power not just to change lives, but to transform how news media outlets cover stories. New techology is often used for the first time to cover breaking news. Other times, there's a shift in editorial direction to reflect public opinion. These 12 events pushed news media into a new era of communication.
10 Ways to Improve Your TV News Writing
News writing for television combines several unique skills. Turn wordy, hard-to-understand copy into sizzling scripts with 10 easy tips.
5 Live Shot Tips for TV News Reporters
Mastering a live shot is a critical skill for anyone who works in TV news. Learn how to stay calm, talk in outline form and think on your feet as you report live from the scene.
Move from Being On TV to Becoming a TV...
If you work at a television station, you've realized the people who make the most money are the ones who carved themselves a niche as a TV personality.
5 Tips for Conducting a Good TV Interview
A TV interview can be a showcase of your talents. Preparation and knowledge are key to conducting memorable TV interviews that will build your career.
News Package
A definition of the television term news package and how it is used in media. Includes description of different lengths of news packages.
TV News History of the Past 50 Years
TV news history is filled with many breakthroughs and changes. Look through the past 50 years at how technology, editorial judgment and show-business techniques have evolved over time.
4 Ways to Make Money with a Media Website
Making a news website starts with providing content. You can also make money provided you make the right choices in generating revenue.
Find Your Broadcast Voice
Broadcast voice training is one of the forgotten lessons of working in TV or radio. Media pros who take time for vocal training will come across as more natural sounding on the air, and can build their media careers faster.
How to Sell TV Advertisements to Your Clients
TV ads offer the best way to spread a client's sales message. If you work in television, learn how to get a deal signed and a client on the air.
News about CNN's Problems with Ratings and...
CNN has faced many problems with its ratings falling further behind its cable news rivals. Get a timeline of issues as CNN tries to rebuild its brand.
Demographic Information
A definition of the term demographic information.
How to Sell Online Advertising
Selling online advertising is flexible in ways other forms of media can't match. Know how to capitalize on online advertisements so you can seal the deal.
How to Sell Magazine Advertisements
Magazine advertisements give companies a way to reach highly-targeted customers through a glossy presentation. If you sell magazine advertisements, know how to sell clients on the advantages over other forms of media.
TV News Anchor Career Profile
A TV news anchor is the highest-profile person at a local station or national network. Develop your skills and take your seat behind the anchor desk.
FCC Rules: You Can't Say That on TV
Despite all the changes in media, most of the FCC rules on indecency still apply in TV. Learn about the FCC rules, like what you can't say on TV.
How to Sell Radio Ads and Convince Your Clients...
Radio ads can be the most effective tool for a client to boost sales at a low cost. If you work in radio, know how to tout the benefits of radio ads.
TV News Producer Career Profile
A TV news producer has one of the highest-pressure jobs at a station. But if you master your skills, you will be in high demand.
Jobs You Can Get with a Communications Degree
Get jobs with a communications degree that don't involve working in the media. Find the job you want when you know where to look.
Stop Shooting Amateur-Looking Video
Anyone can grab a video camera and hit the record button. Jump from amateur to expert by learning the secrets that media videographers use every day.
TV News Director Career Profile
TV news directors manage the news department and staff and develop a news brand. Know the skills needed to become a successful TV news director.
How to Prepare for a Media Job Interview
Your cover letter and resume have won you a media job interview. Know what key questions you'll likely be asked so that you can make a good first impression and get the job.
The 7 Basics of a TV Contract
TV contracts can be simple or complicated agreements. Understand the key elements of typical TV contracts that connect personnel to stations.
Meet the Morning News Anchors on Network TV
Some of the most familiar faces on television are those who bring us the morning news. Meet the networks' morning news anchors and find out how they got their jobs.
Webalizer Review
If Webalizer sounds familiar to you, it's probably because you've seen it in on servers running Cpanel. It can be installed on any server and its ease of use makes it one of the most popular free analytics tool.
How News Coverage Has Changed Since the 9/11...
Those in the new media were shocked, saddened and outraged watching the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but they went to work on the biggest story of their lives.
A definition of the television term dma and how it is used in media.
Why Broadcasting Networks Still Have So Much...
Broadcasting networks may seem like a throwback to the glory days of TV and radio. Find out why they still have so much power in the media industry.
Questions to Ask During a Media Job Interview
A media job interview is designed to allow potential bosses to learn more about you. Find out what and how to ask questions to show them your qualities.
Matt Lauer Biography
Matt Lauer has helped wake up America for more than 15 years as co-anchor of NBC's Today show. Lauer has been under increasing public relations scrutiny since the dismissal of Ann Curry from the program in 2012 and whether he played a role in her tearful exit.
Sean Hannity Bio
Sean Hannity's conservative political views are unmistakeable in everything he says on TV, radio or in his bestselling books. Find out more about how his national media career got its start.
Why Is There So Much Breaking News on TV?
Everywhere you look, there's breaking news on TV. There are 3 key reasons why you're seeing so much more breaking news coverage today than ever before.
How to Sell Newspaper Advertising to Retail...
Newspaper advertising is still an effective way for a company to boost its sales. Know how to sell newspaper ads to clients who are considering other media formats.
Is the Media Liberal?
Liberal media bias is a common claim made against all U.S. media. Find out how the accusations are made and if they're true in regards to politics.
TV Reporter Career Profile and Job Description
TV reporters gets to witness history while telling an audience about important events. Know the skills required to be successful in TV reporting.
CBS Corporation Profile
CBS Corporation is the parent company of the CBS television network and other media businesses. Learn about the properties CBS Corporation owns and why it's one of the most powerful companies in media.
Blame the Media
"Blame the Media!" is easy to shout when people look at the world and don't like what they see. As media
Website vs. Facebook
These days, virtually all media outlets have websites as well as Facebook pages. Where should you put your focus? Consider the pros and cons of each.
10 Steps to a Successful Website
Build a successful website that keeps visitors coming back and clicking, clicking, clicking. Follow these 10 steps to success.
Create SEO Headlines That Will Get Clicks
Creating SEO headlines that generates clicks takes practice. These 8 tips will help you master SEO headlines and boost your web traffic.
5 Ways to Improve Your Magazine's Brand
Build your magazine brand so it stands out on a crowded newsstand. Give your magazine a brand identity to keep loyal readers and gain new ones.
News Ideas and Where to Find Good Stories
News ideas are easy to find when you're a reporter looking for a story. These 10 ways to get news ideas will help you when you're stumped.
Megyn Kelly Bio
Megyn Kelly is one of the most popular anchors on Fox News Channel. Find out how Megyn Kelly got her start in the law profession before rocketing to fame on national TV.
6 Tips to Produce Steady Video without Using a...
Tripods are useful tools in shooting steady video, but they can become a crutch. Shoot steady video on the go without using a camera stabilizer.
How to Get Answers to Your Tough Reporter...
Reporter questions sometimes lead to confrontation. These five tips help you ask tough questions in ways that get answers instead of anger.
Social Media Manager Career Profile
Thinking of getting into a social media manager career? Find out the salary, job description, a day in the life and more.
A definition of the broadcasting term o&o and how it is used in media.
Prime Time TV
A definition of the term prime time TV. Includes the different time slots for prime time between the major TV networks.
Why You Should Use Google Plus for Your Business
Reach an entirely new audience through social media. Use Google Plus for businesses to grow your company beyond the usual Facebook and Twitter pages.
5 Tips to Negotiate a Media Contract
Before signing years of your life away in a contract, know how to negotiate the terms to your advantage. Otherwise, you may get stuck with no way out.
What Makes Public Service Announcements...
Public service announcements aren't commercials, but they advertise important messages to TV and radio audiences. Learn about the most popular public service announcements.
Why Your Company Needs an Online Media Consultant
An online media consultant brings companies results on social media accounts. Find out what you can expect if you hire an online media consultant.
What are Radio Formats and Why Do They Matter?
You've heard the names of radio formats, such as Top 40, adult contemporary, album rock. Find out why they matter to your career and your company.
Call Letters
A definition of the radio and television term call letters.
10 Tips for Building Your Radio Brand On and...
Build your radio brand by doing more than playing music and selling ads. Get results by reaching listeners through your airwaves and beyond.
ABC News Anchor David Muir Bio
ABC news anchor David Muir represents a new generation of TV network anchors. Learn more about how David Muir got his job as anchor of ABC World News Tonight.
CBS News Anchor Scott Pelley Bio
Scott Pelley rose through the ranks of television news before being named the weeknight anchor at CBS.Learn about his career, highlights, and personal info.
The Pros and Cons of Media Careers
Media careers are exciting and demanding. Weigh the pros and cons of careers in the media industry to decide if this career is right for you.
The Ethics of Magazine Photo Manipulation
Photo manipulation is as old as photography itself. Set standards so that you make photos that don't distort reality or destroy your reputation.
Top Tips for Reporting Crime News from the Scene
Reporters routinely cover crime news, which can make them immune to their surroundings. Maintain ethical standards and sensitivity for victims.
A definition of the television term vosot and how it is used in media. Includes the components that make a vosot and related definitions.
CBS News Anchor Gayle King Bio
CBS News anchor Gayle King may be known as being Oprah Winfrey's best friend. But find out how she's built a media career all her own.
CBS News Anchor Charlie Rose Bio
CBS News anchor Charlie Rose has used his interviewing skills to become anchor of CBS This Morning. Find out more about Charlie Rose and his news career.
Will a Talent Agent Help Your Media Career?
A talent agent can boost your media career. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding if a talent agent is worth the money in helping you get your dream job.
Good Ethics Are Still Critical in Mass Media
Mass media ethics have taken a back seat to high-tech breakthroughs in the media industry. Find out why it's critical you maintain ethical standards.
Media Myths Affect How the Public Views News...
Media myths create many misconceptions about how news is covered. Uncover the reality behind six common media myths so that you're a wiser news user.
5 Steps to Starting Your Own News Site Today
Tired of watching the news? Use these five tips to start your own news site by the end of the day.
Do College Students Now Hate the News Media?
College students are now attacking the news media. Find out why news reporters are no longer welcome on some college campuses and how that disrupts the free flow of information.
Can Newspapers Survive Without Print Editions?
Newspapers have long been threatened by newer forms of media that deliver information faster. See what it'll take for newspapers to survive.
Why Syndication Is a Cornerstone of Media
Syndication is a critical part of the media industry. Find out how syndication gets popular print and broadcast content into your home.
Assignment Editor Career Profile and Job...
An assignment editor is the heartbeat of the television newsroom. Know how to handle time management, intense pressure and logistical challenges.
How a TV Consultant Can Bring Success to a...
A TV consultant offers a wide variety of research, advice and products to a TV station. Find out how a consultant can bring success to your station.
Sex on TV
Sex on TV seems to be everywhere. Find out why critics say sex on TV is harmful to society and what TV producers say.
TV News Jobs at Local Stations
TV news jobs are always available at local stations. They include more than just the usual reporter and anchor positions. Get profiles of who does what and how much they're paid so you can best match your skills for TV news jobs that interest you most.
How a Radio Remote Lets You Take Your Show on...
Radio remote broadcasts help a station connect with the community. Be successful while live on location by interacting with clients and listeners.
Topical News Promotion Builds Your TV News...
Topical news promotion is a critical step in boosting your TV news ratings. Learn the secrets of topical promotion so viewers will choose your newscast.
5 Ways to Build Your Media Brand on the Internet
Building your media brand takes careful planning. In five easy steps, you can start developing a powerful media brand using the Internet.
Shoot Live Video Like a Pro
Shooting for live TV requires different skills than video that can be edited before it goes on the air. Shoot like a pro when you're live in 3, 2, 1.
Robin Roberts Bio
ABC's Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts is versatile and competitive. Learn more about how this one-time women's basketball standout found success in television and faced her most formidable opponents, breast cancer and bone marrow disease.
5 Ways to Build Your Media Sales Career
Media sales can be the fastest way to reach your career dreams. Know how to sway potential clients to sign contracts and stick with you.
Write a Winning Cover Letter to Get the Media...
Go from potential to paid employee. Write a winning cover letter that separates you from the cluster of job candidates applying for the same media position.
8 Ways to Write the Best News Stories about...
Covering political news requires in-depth knowledge and skills. Get the tips you need to make sure your reporting is the winner on election night.
Shepard Smith Bio
Shepard Smith went from small-market TV to become one of the most recognized news anchors in the world. His reports on Fox News Channel are seen as independent-minded, which separates them from the politically conservative programming elsewhere on the cable channel.
Oprah Winfrey Bio
Oprah Winfrey is unmatched in her ability to use television to connect with viewers and to bring positive change to society.
Proof of Performance
A definition of the media advertising term proof of performance.
Tips for Avoiding Media Bias When Covering...
Media bias is a common charge that politicians use against reporters. Make sure your reports don't back up their claims of media bias.
BMW Commercial Shows How Far We've Come in...
A BMW car commercial contains a history lesson in online media. See how Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel show how far we've come since people got their first home computers.
A definition of the broadcasting term affiliate and how it is used in media.
Cross Ownership Rules for Broadcast Media and...
Cross ownership rules for broadcast media and newspapers have been in place since the 1970s. Discover why the Federal Communications Commission put rules in place to prevent a single media company from dominating a market, and why some say it's time for reform.
Lara Logan 60 Minutes Bio
Lara Logan often puts herself in great physical danger as an award-winning correspondent for the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes. Find out why Lara Logan creates buzz for what she says and does off camera at 60 Minutes that raises so many eyebrows.
Use a Focus Group to Get Answers about Your...
Focus group research uses ordinary people to chart the course of media companies. See how to use focus group research to build your company's audience.
How to Optimize Billboard Advertising for Your...
Billboards can be a powerful way to advertise your print, broadcast or online media company. Know the pros and cons of billboard advertising so you'll get results.
5 Reasons to Become a TV News Anchor
There are more reasons you may want to become a TV news anchor beyond just seeing yourself on the air. The 5 reasons to become a TV news anchor will help you decide whether this career is right for you.
Writing Stories on Crime and Punishment
There are many risks to writing news stories about crime and punishment. Make sure you're not named as a defendant for something you wrote when covering crime.
TV News Crew Murders Show Why Working in Media...
The murders of a TV news crew in Virginia show why people working in media should take their safety seriously. Know how to protect yourself from the public and your co-workers.
3 Ways to Write Better News Stories about the...
The political process is hard enough for candidates to maneuver, much less reporters. Make your political reporting clear, concise and accurate.
The Walt Disney Company Profile
The Walt Disney Company is the world's largest media company. Find out more about the TV, movie, theme park and entertainment properties the Walt Disney Company owns and how it grew from Mickey Mouse cartoons into the corporate giant it is today.
Oprah Winfrey News
Oprah Winfrey news is full of developments involving her Oprah Winfrey Network cable TV channel. Track her progress from when she launched OWN to her efforts to build its audience.
5 Reasons Not to Become a TV News Anchor
Being a TV news anchor sounds like a dream job. While there are perks, know the 5 key reasons you might not want to pursue this career.
Why a Live Shot Is So Important in TV News
A live shot takes viewers to the scene of breaking news. Find out why a live shot is so important in presenting fresh and urgent TV newscasts.
Get Higher Ratings with These TV Sweeps Tips
TV sweeps periods are your chance to build your audience. Know how to create content and branding to grab viewers' attention to your TV station or network.
The Threat of Real News and Why We Need It
Many young people say they don't need real news. Find out why that will hurt the media industry and society in the years to come.
Nielsen Releases 2013-2014 DMA List
Nielsen has just released its 2013-2014 DMA list which ranks US markets. Check out which ones went up and which went down in this analysis.
Premium, Free or Freemium Web Content
Thinking about converting your site to a paid content or freemium business model? Look at the pluses and minuses of offering paid, freemium and free web content.
How Live News Has Changed Over the Years
Live news reports are common on TV. Find out how technology has changed over the decades to allow stations to produce live coverage more easily.
3 Reasons Why It's Harder to Find Local News in...
Local news used to fill the pages of newspapers. But these days, you'll find a lot of generic filler material instead. These are the 3 reasons why local news is slowly disappearing from your hometown paper.
10 Media People to Watch in 2015
The 10 media people to watch in 2015 may change the industry. Some are on their way up, while others are under big pressure to perform. They all have a big impact on media.
Is TV to Blame for the Childhood Obesity Problem?
Critics say TV is to blame for childhood obesity. Examine the evidence to decide whether television is really at fault as kids' waistlines grow.
Top Tips for Shooting Creative Videos
Creative video isn't just for moviemakers. News crews can also shoot creative video to make their stories more powerful.
Social TV and How to Build Both Television and...
Social TV is a blend of two mediums, social media and television. Find out how to combine the two for explosive growth in your audience numbers.
Time Warner Company Profile
Time Warner Company is a global leader in TV network ownership, TV and film production and publishing. Learn about Time Warner Company and its reach across the media spectrum.
5 Ways to Write Faster When Reporting the News
Great reporters write quickly every day. Learn how to write faster from the moment you leave the newsroom until you're faced with your daily deadline.
How to Become a Memorable Radio Personality
Be a radio personality who's more than just a voice on the air. Develop your radio personality by getting involved in your city and attracting publicity.
Comcast Corporation Profile
Comcast Corporation has transformed itself from a cable TV service provider to one of the largest media companies in the world. Learn more about Comcast Corporation and its properties.
Meet the Evening News Anchors on Network TV
Network TV news anchors are some of the most familiar faces in all of television. Find out how the anchors of ABC, CBS and NBC got their start and rose to become the on-camera leaders of their networks.
5 Mistakes New News Reporters Make
It's not easy being a new news reporter. These are the 5 common mistakes that new news reporters make and how they can be corrected.
Is NBC Right in Keeping Brian Williams?
NBC news anchor Brian Williams may be losing his seat on Nightly News, but he hasn't been fired. Do you think NBC acted correctly by moving him to MSNBC?
5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Trusting...
Anonymous sources must be used with caution when writing news stories. Know when anonymous sources could get you into ethical or legal trouble.
The Basics of Applying for Media Jobs
You've found the job you want to land to take you to that next step in your media career. But are you eliminating yourself from the competition before you even send in your resume and clips?
TV Photographer Career Profile and Job...
A TV photographer has a front seat to history, recording important news events. Discover what it takes to be successful in this career path.
Katie Couric Bio
Katie Couric has versitility beyond most television personalities. She has worked for three TV network news divisions and found success in widely different on-air roles.
Who Is NBC News Anchor Lester Holt?
Lester Holt is now the anchor of NBC Nightly News. Find out how he got his start and made it to the prime anchor chair.
10 Ways to Build a Successful TV News Career
To be a success in the news business, you continually have to build skills. Develop confidence and credibility to boost your value in the newsroom.
Norah O'Donnell Bio
Norah O'Donnell is the newest co-host on CBS This Morning. Find out how her background in journalism is helping her make the jump to the studio from being the network's chief White House correspondent.
3 Ways to Get a Severance Package if You Lose...
Getting a good severance package takes negotiating skills. Know what to ask for to give you some financial peace if you're out of a job.
Brian Williams Bio
Brian Williams was a volunteer firefighter before deciding to launch his media career, which has made him the most-watch network TV news anchor in the country.
Google Analytics Review
Free web analytics tools can be as useful for media sites as a paid one. Google Analytics track sites with the same features and reports as costly tools.
Rush Limbaugh Biography
Rush Limbaugh is the most popular personality on U.S. radio. He launched his national politically conservative radio program shortly after the Fairness Doctrine was repealed, which helped stations broadcasting his program from having to also air opposing viewpoints.
3 Keys for Local Magazines to Turn Readers into...
Local magazines can succeed while other forms of local media don't. Know the 3 steps that are key to making a local magazine find readers and revenue.
Talent Tips from a TV Talent Coach
Talent tips for TV news anchors and reporters are often given by TV talent coaches that a station or network hires. Know what kind of talent tips to expect from television talent coaches and how their advice might impact your career.
How to Break Your TV Contract Without Killing...
Breaking your TV contract is usually considered taboo. But if you approach it the right way, you can break your TV contract and still maintain important work relationships.
How to Find a Talent Agent to Boost Your Media...
Finding a talent agent to boost your media career takes a hard look at your own goals. Know what to ask before signing a talent agent's contract.
Rupert Murdoch Bio
Rupert Murdoch is one of the most powerful media moguls in the world, with television, print and motion picture properties. Learn how he built News Corp. and why his power also comes with controversy.
Should Drones Be Used for News Coverage?
Drones could be a breakthrough in news gathering. But drones present issues in safety, privacy and accuracy that might keep them grounded before they become news tools.
How to Write Great Headlines for the Web
There's a strategy to writing headlines for the web that get noticed. Start producing effective headlines for your site to build a loyal audience.
TV Shows about Media
TV shows about media are some of best-loved classic programs of all time. Learn about the comedies and dramas centering on what it's like to work in television, radio, newspapers and magazines and see why TV shows about media are some of the most creative productions ever made.
The Impossible Art of Moderating a Political...
Political debate moderators face an impossible challenge. Learn why moderators face criticism no matter what type of questions they ask.
Television News Ratings Tips for Finding More...
Television news ratings are the lifeblood of the industry. Boost your television news ratings by knowing which types of people to lure into choosing your station over all others.
Anderson Cooper Bio
Anderson Cooper is the face of a new era of TV news. As anchor of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, he's not afraid to be emotional on the air, or to get personally involved in the stories he covers.
NBC Suspends Star Anchor Brian Williams
NBC suspended news anchor Brian Williams after he admitted not being shot down while on a helicopter as he had previously claimed. Was this the right disciplinary decision?
3 Key Ways to Promote Your TV Newscast
Your TV station produces an excellent newscast, but more people need to watch it. Besides promoting the stories on your broadcast, find out three other ways you should entice viewers to watch.
How SWOT Analysis Can Help You Build Your Media...
SWOT analysis is an easy way to build your media company. Use SWOT analysis to see how your company stacks up against the competition.
5 Reasons New News Reporters Quit the Media...
New news reporters are eager to launch their career, yet many leave the media industry after a short time. These are the top 5 reasons new reporters quit the job they'd always wanted.
Is There Sensationalism in News Reports?
Sensationalism is a common criticism of today's news coverage. Do these claims accurately describe the news reporters produce?
5 Ways to Give Proper Attribution Online
Proper attribution is essential for reporters, even in online media where it's easy to overlook its importance. Learn how to give proper attribution online.

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