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Television and Radio

Broadcasters have to fight to keep the eyes and ears of their audience from turning away to new forms of media. See why these generations-old media powerhouses are still the most effective way to reach mass audiences.
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Dumb Mistakes That TV News People Make
Dumb mistakes can keep TV news anchors and reporters from connecting with viewers. These 10 mistakes will annoy people so much that they may turn off the news.

Adlib on TV or Radio
You don't always have time to craft a script when you're on TV or the radio. Learn how to adlib so that you have something meaningful to say when the red on-air light comes on.

5 Mistakes New News Reporters Make
These are the 5 most common mistakes new TV news reporters make. Knowing how to correct these errors will help you grow faster.

5 Ways to Help New TV Reporters Succeed
Every TV reporter was a rookie once. Here are 5 ways seasoned TV news veterans can help new reporters succeed.

Social TV and How to Build Both Television and Social Media Audiences
Social TV puts social media and television together to make a powerful combination. Know how to link your TV programs with social media products so that you can start conversations that generate advertising revenue.

Pros and Cons of Working in a Larger TV Market
TV market size shouldn't be the only factor you consider when trying to climb the career ladder. Know the pros and cons of working in a larger TV market before you pack up for a bigger city.

10 Must-Read Tips on Investigative Reporting
Investigative reporting can set a TV station or network apart from its competition. These tips will help you decide whether to pursue this form of journalism.

Be an Investigative Reporter
Being an investigative reporter on TV takes a special set of skills and a dedication to hard work. Find out what it takes to be an investigative reporter who gets results.

The Dangers of Investigative Reporting
If you want to set your TV station apart from your competition, investigative reporting is one way to do it. Just beware of the dangers that investigative reporting can have on your media brand.

Investigative Reporting Successes and Presumed Failures
Investigative reporting produces some of the most memorable moments in TV news. These 5 investigative reports will always be remembered, some for their success, others for their presumed failures.

5 Reasons New News Reporters Quit the Media Industry
New news reporters are excited to see their first stories on TV. These are the top 5 reasons they quit the media industry after such short time.

Best TV Websites
These 5 websites are among the best in the television industry at helping you find a new job, improve your skills and keep up with the latest industry developments. Check out the best TV websites daily so that you stay updated.

Best Radio Websites
The 5 best radio websites give you the latest industry news, job openings and trends. These websites also let you hear classic airchecks and see why there are so many offbeat people working in radio.

Find Your Broadcast Voice
Broadcast voice skills are critical for people working on the air in TV or radio. Vocal training tips can make you sound more comfortable and natural, which helps you connect with your audience.

What Is Media Relations?
Media relations experts try to use TV news reporters to spread a positive message about their company. See how this often leads to tension when reporters try to cover news.

Can NBC Return to the Days of "Must See TV"?
"Must See TV" brings back memories of NBC's blockbuster prime time lineup, when shows like The Cosby Show, Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends ruled the airwaves. With NBC's current ratings struggles, it will be tough for the network to rebuild itself back into "Must See TV" dominance.

10 TV Legends
Television is always an evolving form of media. These 10 people shaped TV as we know it, as actors, newscasters and producers.

10 Ways to Build Successful TV News Careers
TV news careers can be one of the most rewarding and challenging ways to work in media. Know how to beat the competition and survive in a changing media landscape.

TV News Jobs at Local Stations
TV news jobs offer career opportunities both in front and behind the camera at local stations. Learn the basics of each position so you can find TV news jobs to match your skills and interest.

How to Get Publicity for Your TV Station
TV stations need publicity like any other business. Learn how to get publicity for your TV station so that you get more exposure for your newscast in your community.

TV Interview Tips
Mastering the TV interview can help your career reach new heights. It involves more than just sticking a camera and microphone into someone's face. Creating a memorable TV interview requires preparation and skill in drawing out the information you seek from people.

News about NBC Ratings under Comcast Control
Track NBC ratings struggles as new owner Comcast tries to turn around the network. This timeline shows the ups, downs and latest developments in what will be a long rebuilding effot.

News about CNN Problems
CNN problems are based in its TV programming decisions, which have led to lower ratings as it tries to avoid the political viewpoints of either of its cable TV news rivals. See a timeline of the latest CNN news decisions as executives try a middle-of-the-road approach to covering news without political bias.

FCC Rules for Television
Many FCC rules on television indecency were created when TV was new. Now, decades later, many broadcasters say it's time for the rules to change.

Asking Tough Reporter Questions
Being prepared to ask tough, yet fair reporter questions is key to being successful on TV. Boost your chances of getting answers to questions that your interviewee hopes you won't ask.

Move from Being On TV to Becoming a TV Personality
Many anchors and reporters come and go without leaving much of an impression on their viewers. Go from being someone who's just "on TV" to being an unforgettable name and face in your market.

News Writing Tips for TV News
Television news writing requires unique skills to produce conversational copy. Turn wordy, hard-to-understand stories into crisp scripts with 10 easy tips.

Rule the Airwaves as a Memorable Radio Personality
Even with the turmoil in the radio industry, successful on-air announcers establish themselves as recognizable radio personalities. Develop your own radio personality to attract loyal listeners and become an irreplaceable asset to your station.

Cross Ownership Rules for Broadcast Media and Newspapers
Local television and radio stations can't generally be owned by the same company that owns the local newspaper. Cross ownership rules that were set in the 1970s are now coming under fire from those who say they're outdated with all of the other media competition.

How to Sell Radio Advertisements
Selling radio advertisements is the key way radio stations turn a profit. If you work in radio, boost your bottom line by knowing how to sell the advantages of radio advertisements over other forms of media.

How to Sell TV Advertisements
TV advertisements are often the best way for a client to boost sales, through the benefits of video and sound. If you work in television, know how to sell television as the best form of advertising media in order to close the deal.

How a TV Consultant Can Bring Success to a TV Station
A TV consultant can help a station find bigger ratings and more revenue through a variety of techniques. Build your station's future by knowing how a TV consultant's research, coaching and advice can build your audience.

What Are Radio Formats?
You've heard the names of radio formats -- Top 40, adult contemporary, album rock -- but what are the differences between the radio formats and which audiences do they target?

Build a Radio Website that Gets Results
A radio station has always tried to attract the ears of listeners. Know how to build a radio website to target your audience's eyes to boost your ratings and revenue.

Paula Deen's Interview on the Today Show
Paula Deen's interview on the Today show demonstrates the power of live TV. Take a closer look at the questions she was asked about racism and how media pros can learn from asking the right questions during difficult circumstances.

TV News Director Career Profile
A TV news director is a commanding presence in any television newsroom. This leadership position requires a unique set of journalism, legal, managerial and branding skills. Develop your newsroom abilities so you can become a successful TV news director.

TV News Producer Career Profile
A TV news producer may not be on camera, but this person plays a critical role in a TV newsroom. A TV news producer who is successful at managing people, time and content can move up the career ladder faster than people with other jobs at a TV station.

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