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Print Media

Newspapers and magazines face many challenges in today's world of instant information. Build on the strengths of these traditional forms of media so that every issue is a page-turner your readers can't put down.

Best Print Media Websites
These 5 sites are among the best print media websites that track the newspaper and magazine industries. See job openings, get advice and industry news from these best print media websites.

10 Must-Read Tips on Investigative Reporting
Investigative reporting is the lifeblood of many newspapers. These tips will help you decide if you or your media company want to pursue this form of journalism.

Be an Investigative Reporter
Being an investigative reporter for a newspaper takes hard work, attention to detail and a lot more. Know how to be an investigative reporter who gets answers.

The Dangers of Investigative Reporting
Many newspapers would love to have the investigative reporting reputation of The Washington Post, which is credited with breaking the Watergate scandal. But be aware of the dangers that investigative reporting can bring.

Investigative Reporting Successes and Presumed Failures
Investigative reporting is as old as newspapers themselves. These top 5 moments in investigative reporting in newspapers as well as on TV will be remembered, both for their successes and their presumed failures.

Reduce Operating Expenses at Your Print Publication
Print media outlets have continually taken a hit as more readers turn to the Internet. That leaves many publishers wondering how they can still produce a high-quality product at a fraction of the cost.

News Ideas and Where to Find Good Stories
News ideas are key if you want your stories to make the front page. Boost your newspaper stories by discovering 10 ways to find news ideas that no one else is pursuing.

Asking Tough Reporter Questions
Print journalists often have to ask tough questions in their quest for information. Know how to get answers without sparking an angry confrontation.

Newspaper Strategies for Breaking Stories Online and Offline
For decades, newspapers have relied on the front page's headline to sell the edition the next day. But now, newspapers must break stories online and offline to keep subscribers, earn new readers and become the go-to resource for breaking news.

News Interview Tips for a Combative Situation
A news interview can be tough when the person being interviewed is combative, evasive or rude. Keep control of a news interview while getting the answers you want.

5 Mistakes New News Reporters Make
New reporters can make many mistakes that editors have to catch before they show up on the front page. These are the 5 most common mistakes that should be corrected.

5 Reasons New News Reporters Quit the Media Industry
New news reporters can't wait to see their first stories make the front page of the newspaper. These are the top 5 reasons so many decide to quit their careers after a short time on the job.

What Is Media Relations?
Media relations experts hope newspaper reporters will present positive articles about their company. Discover why that often leads to tension when it's time to publish the news.

How to Hire a Freelance Writer
Look beyond the glossy clips to hire a freelance writer who can write top-notch articles for your publication or website.

The Ethics of Magazine Photo Manipulation
Photo manipulation is a tempting choice to make when taking your magazine further into the digital age. Know the ethical choices you must make before allowing photo manipuation to possibly ruin your reputation.

How to Save Newspapers
You've undoubtedly heard that print is dead. Yet, many newspapers are finding new ways to adapt and survive in today's fast-paced, technology-driven world. Any newspaper publisher can still find success and save his newspaper with five proven strategies.

Pros and Cons of Using a Guest Editor
You can create buzz for your print media publication by inviting a guest editor to take charge of an issue. But before you hand over control, know the pros and cons of using a guest editor.

How to Save the Magazine Industry
Most magazines continue to struggle and many have given up the fight. But the magazine industry can be saved and each publisher can follow 5 easy steps to make sure her publication isn't one that ends up in the magazine graveyard.

Newsweek Magazine Exits Print Media to Focus on the Internet
Newsweek magazine is the latest victim of the tough times surrounding print media. It is ending its print editions to focus solely on Internet content.

How to Sell Newspaper Advertisements
Newspaper advertisements have been the way many successful businesses pull customers through their doors. Selling a potential client on buying newspaper advertisements is easier when you know what makes print ads better than those on the air or online.

How to Sell Magazine Advertisements
Magazine advertisements offer all the benefits of print media ads, plus the ability to reach a highly-targeted audience. Sell the advantages of magazine advertisements by knowing which features make this form of media more desirable than others.

The Future of the Newspaper Industry
Could the Internet kill the newspaper industry? Take a look at the many factors that keep newspapers alive and threaten them at the same time.

Is the Newspaper Dead?
Is the newspaper dead? Many factors will determine the long-term health of the newspaper industry to answer the question of whether the newspaper is dead.

Newspaper Company Survival Strategies
A newspaper company has to fight the common assumption that the newspaper industry is dead. See dramatically different strategies as three newspaper companies fight for survival.

Prescription for Newspapers to Increase Readership
The Readership Institute and a design firm offer up tips for increasing your newspaper's readers. Some of the highlights include enagaging your audience, redesigning your product and changing the way you cover news.

The State of the Printed Magazine
Are print magazine readers giving up their annual subscriptions in a new media age? Three publishers lay out their plans to keep their magazines alive.

Magazine Promises to Advertisers
With magazine ad revenue sketchy, publishers are no longer promising an advertisement will reach a certain amount of readers. Instead, magazines are now propsing to companies that their ads will work or free ads will run until consumers do take action.

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