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What Can a Social Media Consultant Do for Your Company?

5 Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Consultant


A picture of a social media consultant

A social media consultant develops a solid social media plan that's unique to your business and goals.

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A social media consultant can be the driving force who transforms your social media efforts from some tweets and status updates into a brand-building powerhouse. She digs deep to understand your company, find your weak social media spots and grow your business.

1. A Social Media Consultant Offers an Unbiased Opinion

A social media consultant isn't hired to tell you you're doing everything right. Keep up the good work!

No, a skilled social media consultant will give you an unbiased opinion of your entire social media efforts. She'll tell you what's working, what's not and what you and your social media manager need to do to fix it.

2. A Social Media Consultant Can Write Your Social Media Policy

You may have done a great job writing your social media policy. Your social media consultant will make it even better.

Her social media policy will be tailored to your company. It is designed to do everything from help your social media specialist and other employees understand what you expect of them when using social media to prepare everyone on what to do in case you need social media damage control.

3. A Social Media Consultant Analyzes Your Data

You may cheer when 10 people "like" your Facebook post. But a social media consultant is going to dig deep into your analytics.

She doesn't care about high follower counts and fan bases. Yes, she wants those numbers to increase but with quality, engaged fans and followers who will give you the maximum ROI.

4. A Social Media Consultant Integrates Your Content

Is your company blog promoting your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube accounts? Does every page on your media site point readers to every single one of your social media accounts? Does your Facebook page get people back to your website?

All of your content and accounts should intertwine. It's easy to think you've covered all the bases but a social media consultant can easily spot holes where you're losing people in your bios, tweets, updates, blog posts, website content and more.

5. A Social Media Consultant Maps Your Social Media Strategy

It may seem like a social media consultant comes in swinging a sledgehammer but the job isn't finished until she cleans everything up. She will give you a very detailed plan of how you should retool your social media efforts.

Her social media strategy should be laid out clearly. If there's something you don't understand, always ask. Each point she maps is there for a reason -- to get you results.

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