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Online Media

From the latest gadgets to cutting-edge software, it can be hard to keep up with the changes in online media. Find out how to use technology to grow your readership in exciting new ways.
  1. New Media Tools (12)

Help Make Your Video Go Viral
A viral video is a cheap way to promote your media brand. Get tips on viral video that will help bring you the most attention.

Social Media Trends to Live By
Social media trends come in waves but some become case studies for others to learn from for their own social media efforts. Follow the good, the bad and the ugly of the top social media trends.

10 Steps to a Successful Website
Does your media website click? Make your site successful in 10 easy steps.

Website vs. Facebook
Today's media staffers must dedicate some of their time to the company's online branding efforts. But should you focus your efforts on your website or your Facebook page?

Media Website Design Mistakes
Your online media efforts can easily be crippled by media website design mistakes. Some are the same potholes that affect all websites, others are unique to the media industry. Make sure you're not hurting your overall brand by avoiding common website problems.

Increase Website Traffic
Getting people to come to your site and stay on it is a constant battle for your online media. Build your website traffic and keep visitors on your site in five easy steps.

Making Money with a Media Website
Most people don't think you can make money with a media website. By making some easy choices, you can watch the dollars roll in as people flock to your site.

How to Sell Online Advertisements
Online advertisements combine the best features of all other forms of media. Selling online advertisements can be as easy as pointing out these advantages to a potential client.

Make Your Site Sticky
Once readers land on your website, how do you keep them there? Make your media site sticky to keep visitors from going to your competition.

Premium, Free or Freemium Web Content
Thinking about converting your site to a paid content or freemium business model? Look at the pluses and minuses of offering paid, freemium and free web content.

SEO Tips for Editors
Grow your online readership. Learn search engine optimization tips every editor should know to increase the exposure of your articles.

Social Media Manager Career Profile
Thinking of applying for a social media manager position? This fast-growing career can be quite lucrative but you have to know what to expect before you're hired.

Why You Should Hire a Social Media Specialist
You don't need to hire a social media specialist, right? After all, social media is supposed to be free. See why you should hire a social media specialist to dominate your competition.

What Can a Social Media Consultant Do for Your Company?
Many people think they don't need a social media consultant. They don't if they understand words like virality, reach, hashtags, insights, SEO, algorithms, analytics and how each one intertwines to get phenomenal results that grow any business.

Why Traditional Media Headlines Won't Work Online
Headlines for print and online media are two different animals that require a separate approach. Take a look at traditional media headlines that separated themselves from the competition on the newsstand but would fall flat if used online.

Attribution in Online Media
Online media is often confused as a free-for-all for newswriting. But there are rules you should follow to properly attribute your content and protect yourself from liability.

Create a Comments Policy for Your Media Website
User comments let you hear the voices of your audience. Sometimes those voices turn downright offensive and it's up to you to decide what type of content you'll allow.

How to Use the Web as a Reporting Tool
Jumping from traditional media to new media requires a different approach to reporting. Make sure you're taking advantage of all of new media's assets.

The Era of Free News Websites Is Ending
More people have come to rely on the Internet for the latest news every day. Media outlets are now turning off the free access to online news to make up for the loss in offline revenue.

10 Tips to Starting a Business Blog
Many media outlets encourage their employees to blog on the companies' websites. Before you open the door for employees to start blogging, study this checklist to learn more about business blogging.

Start Your Own Podcast
A podcast gives your media site new ways to reach your audience. Add a podcast to share the day's news, your insight or information about your company.

Start a News Blog
Starting a news blog is a good way to get information to people who need it. Know the best way to start a news blog so that you'll develop a loyal following.

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