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Unica NetInsight Review

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

Unica is fairly new to the web analytics game, getting its start in 2006. But two main features make Unica NetInsight stand out -- heat map overlays and drag and drop reports. These simplified styles of reporting can be especially attractive to media sites that need easy-to-read measurements of which content is getting noticed and which content is being ignored.


  • Heat maps instantly show you the most popular clicks on your site
  • Host your data on your site or theirs
  • Track mobile phone users
  • Gauge video and audio activity
  • Monitor social networks


  • Can't collect complete data on users with JavaScript disabled
  • Competitively priced but cost may still be too high for media sites with a tight budget


  • Web analytics tool with a variety of options to build a monitoring package for small to large sites
  • JavaScript code can be changed through the user interface
  • A technical account manager is assigned to work directly with the client
  • Reports can be exported in CSV, XML, Excel, Word and HTML formats
  • IBM acquired web analytics companies Unica and Coremetrics in 2010

Guide Review - Unica NetInsight Review

ABC, HBO, National Public Radio, Reader's Digest, Sage Publications, The Washington Times, Turner Broadcasting Company, Cox Communications and Wegener Nieuwsmedia are media clients that have used Unica's service. Other clients include Disney, Mazda, GEICO, Ford Motor Company, National Football League, Best Buy, Bayer and Coca-Cola.

For media sites, Unica's standout feature is its heat overlay maps. Shades of color intensify based on where your visitors are clicking the most. Easily see if you're wasting valuable home page real estate on stories that aren't being clicked when you could be promoting other content in its place.

Drag and drop style reports let you customize the info you want to learn about your visitors. For example, demographics may play a key role in your site's success.

Gender, age, income, education and location are all tracked. If you're a local news media site and your demographics show you have visitors from a nearby city you don't normally cover, start expanding your content to include them.

Separate your demographics by age or education level to spot content you need to create and promote. The 18-34 year old demographic without college degrees may be reading completely different stories than your 18-34 college graduates.

This level of reporting helps you tailor your content to increase clicks. Without losing your current audience, you want to attract more visitors from the demographics that seem to gravitate toward specific types of content.

Shadow each visitor's move as they navigate through your site from the time they land on a page to where they decide to leave. Then compare the navigation habits of new visitors versus repeats.

With an A/B test, segment the two types of visitors to see which type of content is working better for readership. Find out if you're bogging your site down in heavy graphics when people simply want the news.

Through the drag and drop reports and following a visitor's path on your site, you'll also be able to recognize what's working on your site and which content should be adjusted or removed altogether. A newspaper covering a beauty pageant usually posts one picture of the winner. Online, your space constraints are virtually unlimited.

Is snapping a picture of each one of the 50 contestants, cropping the shot and uploading it to a gallery on the newspaper's website something people are really going to cycle through? Reports will show you if your online coverage is overkill or if visitors want to see full-blown coverage of a story online that you couldn't produce in your traditional media outlet.

The heat overlay maps and drag and drop reports make Unica a contender for media sites looking for a tool to track content and improve upon it. But if you want every report you can imagine, investigate Omniture or Coremetrics.

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