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Media Writing Tips

Most forms of media still require solid writing skills. Make your words come alive to be a more effective communicator.

News Writing Tips for TV News
Television news writing is a combination of journalism, grammar-school English and advertising. Master the basics with 10 easy tips to transform bland copy into stories your audience will remember.

How to Write Faster When You're Faced with a Newsroom Deadline
How to write faster is a key skill in building a successful news career. Learn the tricks of writing faster when you're composing a news story so that you'll always meet your deadline, even when faced with a critical time crunch.

5 Ways to Write News Stories with Impact
Good news writing will grab attention and build an audience. These 5 ways to write news stories with impact will help you improve your storytelling skills.

Write Shorter News Stories
Writing shorter news stories is more than just hitting the delete key. These 5 tips will help you impress your editor by telling a complete story using fewer words.

Writing News Headlines for the Web
There's a strategy to writing news headlines for the web that get noticed. Start producing effective headlines for your media site to generate click throughs and earn loyal readers.

Social Media Writing
Social media writing is a hot skill to learn right now. Become a better social media writer to land followers and become a resource your fans trust.

Fairness in News Reporting
Writing news stories requires fairness to the people you cover and the topics they discuss. Improve the fairness of your stories with these 10 steps.

Sensationalism in News Coverage
Sensationalism is a common claim made against media for the way they report the news. Get tips on writing news that grabs attention without being accused of sensationalism.

How to Write News on Politics
Writing news on politics requires a special set of skills. You have to know the issues and be able to cover an election without a script. But you also have to stick to your ethical standards and know how to avoid being used by the campaigns. Develop your skills so that reporting news on politics makes you a winner every election year.

News Writing for Twitter
Media outlets are turning to Twitter for free promotion of news stories. But there's an art to writing news tweets that stand out in a crowded timeline.

Attribution in Online Media
Attribution is essential for reporters, even in online media where it's easy to overlook attribution's importance. Learn how to use proper attribution in your news coverage.

Writing Stories on Crime and Punishment
There are many risks to writing news stories about crime and punishment. Make sure you're not named as a defendant for something you wrote when covering crime.

Writing Retail Business Stories Without Sounding Like a Commercial
Writing news stories about shopping or other retail businesses can be tough to do without sounding like an advertisement. Make simple changes to your writing to avoid coming across like a sales pitch.

Election Night Coverage Tips for Reporters
Election night coverage doesn't provide the time to write the usual TV script or newspaper story. Know how to present information quickly and ethically by knowing which skills are needed in election night coverage that will help you rise above your competition.

How to Focus on Campaign Issues When Reporting on Political Candidates
Writing about campaign issues during an election is not as simple as it would appear. Voters often accuse the media of not providing information needed to help them make an educated choice at the ballot box. Candidates say reporters focus too much on sensationalism. Discover ways to find the key issues in an election year.

Writing News Stories about the Political Process
Writing news stories about the political process can be tricky if you don't have a grasp of how elections work. By understanding the basics, you can report on the political process in ways that are both concise and accurate.

Writing Political Polls
In a political season, writing political polls is easy content. However, attention to detail is required to report the numbers accurately.

Offer More Than Just Horse Race Coverage of a Political Campaign
Writing horse race coverage news stories about political campaigns is an easy, but shallow way of covering elections. Bring depth to your political reporting by tracking more than just the ups and downs of the candidates.

5 Steps to Writing a Great Lede
A lede can hook your readers or turn them away. Learn how to write a great lede that commands your readers' attention.

6 Tips to Improve Your Newswriting
Good reporters avoid churning out useless info simply to fill air time or white space. Improve your newswriting to create stories that speak to your viewers and readers.

A Copy Editor Is a Writer's Best Friend
A copy editor can help even the best writers make their words more clear, persuasive and memorable. See the 10 ways a copy editor can help anyone writing for print, broadcast or online media.

Bad Reporting and How to Correct Mistakes
Bad reporting usually involves poor news writing and should be fixed by a media company as soon as it's uncovered. Find out when bad reporting warrants a public clarification, correction or retraction of a news story.

Errors in Reporting and How to Avoid Making Them
Errors in reporting are often the result of poor newswriting skills. See the 10 common errors in reporting to make sure your news stories aren't tainted by sloppy journalism, poor sources or political bias.

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