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Media Industry Trends


Working in media can be extremely challenging and exciting because of all the changes that happen constantly. Stay updated on the advancements and the people whose ideas change the way we communicate. Even people who've built careers in traditional media can find new opportunities for growth by using new media tools.
  1. Newsmakers
  2. Technological Breakthroughs
  3. Using New Media to Help Traditional Media
  4. Policies
  5. Money-making Opportunities


These are the stories and the faces that are changing the media industry every day. Jump ahead of the crowd by keeping track of what new media developments are just waiting to happen.

Technological Breakthroughs

Media gadgets and platforms aren't just toys. Use today's tools to generate a growing audience for tomorrow and beyond. Success will come for media professionals who know how to use this gear better than their competitors.

Using New Media to Help Traditional Media

Traditional media outlets still grab the largest audience. Whether you work in newspapers, magazines, radio or TV, you can use new media tools to boost your performance. The web, Facebook and Twitter can work to your advantage rather than as competing sources for your users' attention.


A changing media landscape brings about the need to revise standard policies. Keep control of both your content and your users by setting standards for all to follow so that you don't end up in an embarassing situation, or worse, in court.

Money-making Opportunities

Unlike selling a product that customers can hold in their hands, selling media content requires special skills. Exceed your profit goals by uncovering new sources of revenue that are easy to pursue.

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