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Media Trends

Stay on top of the transformation of the media industry. Spot the trends that will help you find the audience you want so that your content is noticed.
  1. History-Making Trends (4)
  2. Media Company Trends (5)
  3. Trends by Person (3)
  4. Trends by Year (13)

Will Fox and Time Warner Merge?
Fox and Time Warner are two of the dominant media companies in the world. Find out what could happen if they decide to merge.

Aereo Court Case Could Change Television Forever
Aereo threatens traditional ways Americans have watched TV. Learn about Aereo and why TV broadcasters want the U.S. Supreme Court to stop this service.

10 Media People to Watch in 2014
The top 10 media people to watch in 2014 will reshape the way we get news and entertainment on-air, online and in print. Learn more about the people who will set the standards for the entire media industry.

Top 10 Lists about Media
Top 10 lists are a fun way to track all of the changes in media. This is a listing of all kinds of top 10 media lists to help you follow industry trends.

Media Trends to Watch in 2014
Media trends of 2014 will likely involve 5 changes, plus some surprises. Get a jump start on the trends you should be tracking through the year.

Best Media Industry Websites
Track all the news and trends involving print, TV and radio by visiting the best media industry websites. The top media websites give you expert insight into the challenges facing all of media.

Looking Back at Media in 2013
Looking back at media in 2013 will show you a year of more change throughout the industry. Big media deals put more power in the hands of fewer people. Media pros made some rookie mistakes that threatened their careers, and print media suffered more cutbacks in a effort to survive.

Top Media Stories of 2013
The top media stories of 2013 show that the media industry still faces an uncertain future. Read the top media stories of 2013 to see the successes and struggles that affect broadcast, print and online media.

Top 10 Media Errors of 2013
The top 10 media errors of 2013 show a range of gaffes -- from unbelievably poor judgment to bad personal conduct. Revisit the worst of media in 2013 to avoid making these same mistakes yourself.

10 Media People to Watch in 2013
10 media people to watch in 2013 have a unique place in the industry. Some are popular celebrities, while others wield power behind the scenes. The moves they make will change media during the year.

Blame the Media
People like to blame the media for all sorts of problems -- from sexual immorality to childhood obesity. Find out whether their claims are valid, and what media pros often say to defend themselves.

Real News and Why We Need It
Real news has helped people make smart life choices for centuries. But many of today's young people have turned away from news, saying they don't need it. See the consequences the news industry and society face if no one wants real news.

Journalism Careers and What Reporters Want You to Know
Journalism careers and the life of news reporters are often misunderstood. See the 10 ways journalism careers are misjudged by the people who read newspapers and watch TV news.

TV Shows about Media
TV shows about media are some of the best-loved classics of all time. Revisit TV shows about media, both comedies and dramas, and see how they depict the working life of those with careers in media.

Media Deal Pros and Cons
A media deal usually combines newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations into huge corporations affecting thousands of jobs. These billion-dollar mergers come with pros and cons that affect the entire industry every time a media deal is made.

Media Books You Should Read
Media books give you a insider's look at media trends throughout the years. These 10 media books help you plan for the future by looking at what worked and what didn't in broadcast and print media in decades past.

More Local News Can Save Your Newspaper or TV Station
More local news is often the most effective content to provide to help a struggling newspaper or TV station. Know how to offer more local news to separate your company from your competitors.

Focus Group Research in Media
Focus group research helps determine what you see and hear in all forms of media. Learn how this tool uses everyday people to make critical decisions in how media products are positioned in the marketplace.

The Dangers of Focus Group Questions
Focus group questions can be dangerous if they're not asked properly. The answers you get can give you a skewed and inaccurate report on a media business.

TV News History of the Past 50 Years
TV news history has both started and followed trends. Take a trip back through 50 years of television news to see how your evening newscasts have evolved to reflect society, technological breakthroughs and show-business influence.

Media and Politics
Media and politics create a tense combination every election year. Prepare yourself for the 8 ways politicans try to use media to further their ambitions and get into office.

12 Events That Changed How Media Outlets Cover News
Media usually follow the same cultural and technological trends that confront every industry. But big news stories can give media outlets an unexpected jolt. These 12 events pushed news media into a new era of communication.

Sex on TV
Sex on TV can be a ratings grabber -- from steamy love scenes to risque comedy hijinx. While critics say it hurts society, TV producers give sex on TV a different spin.

Media Violence and Why Some Say It Causes Real-Life Bloodshed
Media violence can be found in prime time TV crime dramas and in hip-hop radio. Critics say what people see and hear, especially when they're young, can turn media violence into real-life bloodshed in the streets.

Is There Liberal Media Bias?
Liberal media bias is an accusation that most people who work in news media hear regularly. Examine why these claims are made and whether alleged bias affects the news you get on politics and government issues.

TV and Childhood Obesity
TV and childhood obesity go together like cartoons and french fries, at least in the eyes of media critics. Discover the facts before deciding whether television deserves the blame for this national childhood health problem.

News about CNN Problems
CNN problems have led to many programming changes and a steady drop in the ratings. Track the latest news about CNN as it tries to rebuild its media brand.

Cross Ownership Rules for Broadcast Media and Newspapers
Cross ownership rules for newspapers and broadcast media stop a company from owning broadcast properties and a newspaper in a single city. While the government wants to preserve having multiple voices in media, find out why some say it's time for change.

The Newsroom on HBO
The Newsroom on HBO provides a look at one of the biggest trends in media -- the battle between producing quality journalism versus the need to survive in a competitive news arena. Actor Jeff Daniels plays anchorman Will McAvoy, who fights his own personal struggles.

Review of HBO's The Newsroom
HBO's new show starring Jeff Daniels takes you behind the scenes of a cable news network. Is it accurate or just another entertainment program?

Newsweek Issues As It Faces an Uncertain Future
Newsweek's issues show a troubling trend facing many traditional media brands. Despite having a well-known name, chart the struggles of Newsweek as it tries to survive as an Internet-only company.

Viewer Reviews of The Newsroom
You've seen the show. Now share your opinion of HBO's "The Newsroom."

Should a Weather Forecaster Be Punished When His Forecast is Wrong?
A weather forecaster is often a popular TV personality, even when his forecasts contain errors. Critics say a weather forecaster should be punished when his predictions are wrong.

Media Myths and Misconceptions about News Coverage
Many news users are skeptical that they're getting the complete truth when they see news reports. Examine common media myths about political bias, sensationalism and one-sided stories to become wiser to the ways of the news business.

2012-2013 TV Season Winners and Losers
The 2012-2013 TV season will be remembered for making history as a cable TV show beat all of its competition, including those on broadcast networks. See the winners and losers for the season and find out which TV trends to watch in the future.

Big Media and the Top 10 Media Companies
Media trends are set by the big media companies that own newspapers, magazines, radio stations and the TV networks. These top 10 big media companies control most of what we see, hear and read.

Newspaper Company Survival Strategies
A newspaper company is faced with difficult choices as it fights to survive these troubled times. Read three dramatically different ways a newspaper company tries to keep itself alive despite mounting challenges.

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