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News Package


A photo of a television reporter talking on camera

An on-camera appearance by a reporter is a common part of a news package.

Photo © Getty Images
Definition: A news package is usually the longest type of storytelling found on television newscasts. They are also found in long-form news programming, such as the CBS News program 60 Minutes.

A package is a self-contained taped news report. Usually, the news anchor will read an introduction live, then the pre-recorded story will be shown.

A common part of a news package is the appearance of a reporter talking into the camera. This is called a "standup" because the reporter is often seen standing in front of the camera on the scene of the story.

News packages usually run for 1:15 to 2:00 in length. In the case of magazine-style news programming, packages can be 20 minutes or longer. This type of news presentation is best for complicated stories or ones that have multiple interviews.

Also Known As: package, taped package
Alternate Spellings: pkg, pack

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