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Professional Organizations

Look beyond the technology and you'll see the media industry is made up of people. Find out how to network with others to share ideas, discuss problems and build relationships that can help you on the job.

American Society of Magazine Editors
ASME works to defend its 700 members' First Amendment rights and strengthen magazine journalism. Members range from editors-in-chief to junior level staff members working for print magazines, magazine websites and online-only magazines.

Magazine Publishers of America
MPA is a trade organization focusing on consumer magazines around the world. Members include hundreds of publishing companies representing more than 1,000 magazine titles.

National Association of Broadcasters
The NAB calls itself "the voice of broadcasters," standing up for its members before Congress, the FCC and in court. Members include broadcast networks, radio and television stations and media professionals working in the industry.

Newspaper Association of America
The NAA backs thousands of newspapers, concentrating on the challenges facing the newspaper industry. Among its members are daily newspapers and the publications' websites.

Radio Television Digital News Association
RTDNA is the world's largest organization for news media professionals. News directors, anchors, reporters, general managers, educators, students and digital media journalists are just some of the association's members.

Society of Professional Journalists
SPJ's goal is to protect its member journalists by fighting First Amendment and Freedom of Information battles. The organization also strives to help journalists be better reporters while following a high code of media ethics.

World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers
WAN-IFRA's global members include more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 websites and 3,000 companies. Membership is open to magazine, newspaper and digital publishers as well as other news agencies, educational companies and individuals in the media.

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