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Ethics in Media

Despite changes in technology, the bedrock for any successful media company is its ethical standards. Learn how to handle the challenges you may face so that you earn the trust of your audience.

Fairness in News Reporting
News reports are often accused of being unfair. Use this 10-step checklist to make sure your reporting meets fairness standards.

Is It Time to Create a News Council?
A news council gives people with media ethics complaints an alternative to the courts when they have issues with the accuracy, fairness or transparency of news reporting. One U.S. state's news council could be a model for other states across the country.

Avoiding Media Bias When Covering Political News Stories
When politicians accuse reporters of media bias, questions of media ethics are raised. Defend your reporting by making sure your news stories meet ethical standards of accuracy and fairness when claims of media bias are raised against you.

The Dangers of Using Anonymous Sources in News
Anonymous sources present many ethical questions for anyone working in news media. Understand the dangers of relying on anonymous sources before writing or approving a broadcast, print or online news story.

Is There Liberal Media Bias?
Liberal media bias is one of the most common ethical accusations made against those working in news media. Discover why these claims are made and whether there's evidence of political bias in political news coverage.

How Media Censorship Affects the News
Media censorship may bring to mind government-controlled news reports from a Cold War-era communist country. But in America today, the news is censored in your hometown newspaper or on network television in ways you may not realize.

Reporting Crime News from the Scene
Crime news leads many TV newscasts and lands on the front page of newspapers. Reporting crime news requires ethics, sensitivity for victims and a demand to get the truth in order to be successful.

Media Ethics for Today's Media Professionals
Media professionals face many ethical questions on the job and away from work. The decisions that you make now can have an impact on your media career.

The Ethics of Magazine Photo Manipulation
Media ethics extend beyond the printed word. Photo manipulation presents many tempting choices to enhance your magazine. But one wrong decision can badly damage your professional reputation for fairness and accuracy.

Avoid Accusations of Political Bias by Not Getting Too Chummy with a Candidate
Media ethics are tested every election year when critics accuse reporters of political bias. Avoid the appearance of being too chummy with a particular candidate to prevent anyone from accusing you of political bias during a campaign.

The Dangers of Accepting Payola in Media
Your media ethics can face a critical test when money is involved. While you may be tempted to take cash to produce content, know the difference between a simple business deal and a case of payola.

The First Amendment and Press Freedom
Musts for media professionals to know. The First Amendment and Press Freedom protect your rights to tell the story your audience needs to know.

Objectivity and Fairness in Reporting
Working in the news media isn't a free soapbox to interject your opinion into your stories. Find out why objectivity and fairness are crucial to effective storytelling.

Bad Reporting and How to Correct Mistakes
Bad reporting often involves innocent mistakes, but can lead to ethical problems if those errors aren't fixed. Protect your ethical standards as a journalist by knowing when to clarify, correct or retract a news story.

Errors in Reporting and How to Avoid Making Them
Errors in reporting threaten your reputation as an ethical journalist. Avoid the 10 errors in reporting so that your news stories are clear, fair and accurate.

Pseudonyms Make for Phony Bylines
Should people working in the media use pseudonyms or stand behind their name? One trade publication says pseudonyms set the stage for phony bylines that don't belong in news media.

Threats to Ethical Journalism in the New Media Age
The integrity of the media profession has been questioned for decades. As new media becomes a factor in our daily lives, there are also new threats to journalism ethics.

Ethics of Online Journalism
The media world has been changed as the Internet can make anyone an online journalist. But does the foundation of media ethics still apply to online journalism?

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