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Careers in Media


Media professionals never know when that hot job possibility will come along or when a sudden reorganization will leave you without a paycheck. Be prepared for either situation by marketing yourself with a winning cover letter, clips, resume DVD or website.
  1. General Career Information
  2. Print Careers
  3. Broadcast Careers
  4. Online Careers
  5. Career Enhancement

General Career Information

Even seasoned writers have a hard time creating cover letters and resumes that will stand out above the rest. Sharpen your skills so that you sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Print Careers

Get ready to search for your dream job in print media. Whether you're looking to see your byline in a daily newspaper or you're just looking for a freelance position, make sure you are ready for the demands that you will face.

Broadcast Careers

Your next job in broadcasting can be your best job with a little planning. Develop your on-air brand and a resume that will be impossible for a radio or TV station to resist.

Online Careers

Going online isn't just a hobby for those who know how to use the web to forge a career. Get the skills you need to get an Internet writing job or to make money with a website.

Career Enhancement

Even if you're not searching for a job, make sure you don't grow stale in your manager's eyes. Brush up on media writing, shooting and online skills so that you stay ahead of your co-workers.

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