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Enhancing Your Career

You can advance your career despite the cutthroat competition in today's media workplace. From building contacts to building more effective resumes, you'll find everything you need to help you get your dream job.

Advance Your Media Career
You want a better job and a bigger paycheck in your media career. These 10 ways will help you advance your media career to meet your personal goals.

Start a Media Career
Getting your first job in media may be the toughest job search you ever face. By knowing these 10 tips, you'll set yourself above the competition to launch the career of your dreams.

The Pros and Cons of Media Careers
Media careers aren't 9-to-5 jobs. Consider the pros and cons of working in TV, radio, print or online media before deciding if you're willing to make the personal sacrifices that are often required to work in this captivating yet demanding industry.

Media Job Search Tips to Get the Job You Want
A media job search takes patience and a plan in order to be successful. These five key ways to start a media job search will boost your chances of getting the job you want.

Top 10 Media Resume Mistakes
Resume mistakes can stop you from getting the media job you want. Avoid these top 10 resume mistakes to give yourself the best chance of advancing your media career.

How to Ask for a Pay Raise
Media jobs run the spectrum from poverty-level wages to salaries in the stratosphere. If you want more money, these steps will help you take your best shot at getting it.

Careers in Media 101
Careers in media involve much more than what you learned in college. Learn about how to overcome the unique challenges of careers in media so you can exceed your goals.

How to Keep Your Job When Your Boss Gets Fired
Seeing your boss get fired means changes are likely coming to your media company. Know what to do when your boss gets fired so that you have a better chance of keeping your job.

Write a Media Resume
Your media resume should tell editors or news directors everything they need to know about your work background. Write a resume that sells your media experience and pushes you to the top of the job candidate's pile.

Best TV Websites
These are the best TV websites to help you get a job in television. These 5 websites have the latest job listings, advice on improving your skills and news about the industry so that you can make wise decisions on advancing your career.

How to Get a Job in News
Whether you're searching for your first job in the news business or you're ready to take on bigger challenges as you enhance your career, learn exactly what your future boss wants out of you. Learn how to get a job in news that puts you in the driver's seat of your career.

Jobs with a Communications Degree
Jobs with a communications degree bring possibilities beyond working in print, broadcast or online media. Know how to use your communications degree to get the career you want beyond working in media.

Questions to Ask During a Media Job Interview
A media job interview is designed to allow your potential boss to find out more about you, but you need to dig for information as well. By knowing what to ask and how to do it, you'll know whether you should say "yes!" if the position is offered to you.

A Bad Job Interview and How to Avoid Mistakes
A bad job interview can stop you from getting the media job you want. Avoid these 5 mistakes so that you're not the victim of a bad job interview.

The Basics of Applying for Media Jobs
You've found the job you want to land to take you to that next step in your media career. But are you eliminating yourself from the competition before you even send in your resume and clips?

How to Write a Media Cover Letter
Go from potential employee to paid employee. Write a media cover letter that separates you from a cluster of other job candidates applying for the same position.

How to Prepare for a Media Job Interview
Your cover letter and resume have won you a media job interview. Know what key questions you'll likely be asked so that you can make a good first impression and get the job.

Create a Broadcast News Resume That Gets Noticed
You're ready to take your broadcast career to the next level. Instead of mass mailing every potential employer your cover letter, resume and clips, build a broadcast news resume that promotes your experience and makes you stand out among other job candidates.

How to Promote Yourself in Media
Learning how to promote yourself is important for any media pro. Using the power of media in how you promote yourself can pay off for your career.

Build a Job-Winning TV Resume Tape or DVD
Grab a news director's attention to get the TV job you want. Avoid the common mistakes your potential boss sees on job candidates' TV resume tapes and DVDs every day.

Self Promotion Dangers in Media
Self promotion sounds like a great way to boost your media career. Be aware of the self promotion dangers that can bring you unwanted attention and knock your career goals off track.

Talent Agent Pros and Cons
A talent agent will help open doors, negotiate your salary and offer advice on building your media career. Know the pros and cons before signing a contract with a talent agent.

Find a Talent Agent
Finding a talent agent who will give you the attention you deserve takes time. Know how to find a talent agent who will boost your media career by asking the right questions before you sign a deal.

Talent Tips from a TV Talent Coach
Talent tips from TV talent coaches can give your career an immediate boost, if you follow their advice. TV news anchors and reporters should prepare themselves for the honest, and sometimes blunt, critiques they're likely to get when they're offered talent tips.

Pros and Cons of Working in a Larger TV Market
Building a TV career often means climbing the ladder toward a larger TV market. Consider the tradeoffs in working in television in a larger city before making your move.

How to Build a Career in Media Sales
Media sales careers are often the fastest way to get to the top of the broadcast, print or online industries. Build your media sales career by knowing how to sell advertising to potential clients.

10 Ways to Build Successful TV News Careers
TV news careers are an exciting way to work in media. Build your skills so that you'll rise above the competition on the scene of news stories and hold your value in an ever-changing media industry.

The Basics of a TV Contract
TV contracts can be a simple, one-page agreement or much more complicated. Despite the variables, there are 7 basic parts of a typical TV contract that binds television personnel to their stations. Know what to expect of a contract before you're asked to sign it so that you're not faced with unwelcomed surprises.

How to Negotiate a Media Contract
Whether your media career has you on the air, working in print or online, it's likely you'll be confronted with a media contract. Before you sign it, know how to negotiate the terms to your advantage. Otherwise, you could find yourself stuck with below-average pay and no way out of the deal.

What Is a No Compete Clause in a Media Contract?
Key elements of any media contract are the no compete clauses. It is critically important that you understand this language before you sign any deal.

Top Reasons for Getting Fired in the Media Industry
Getting fired happens to most media pros at least once during their career. Recognize the top three reasons for getting fired in media so you don't make common mistakes that could cost you your job.

Survival Guide for Media Layoffs
Media careers come with a risk of being laid off. If you become a victim of media layoffs, use your extra time to get yourself prepared for the job market so you can land a better position somewhere else.

Get a Severance Package When You Leave a Media Company
A severance package helps you pay bills and get health care coverage when you're fired or laid off from a media company. Learn how to negotiate the best severance package to stay afloat financially when you don't have a job.

Strengthen Your Media Career by Learning New Skills
The Internet has changed the way today's media professionals do their jobs. Boost your career now by learning new media skills today that will someday be required for everyone working in the media.

Create a Journalist's Site to Market Yourself
Use a website to promote your experience and reach out to news directors to land your next broadcasting job. Weigh the pros and cons of marketing yourself on the Internet so that you don't hurt your chances of getting hired.

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