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Management Resources

With so many emerging media outlets, keeping up with your media competition is tougher than ever. Manage your staff and your other resources to deliver quality content while meeting your bottom line.

Be a Better Media Boss
Being a media boss at a TV or radio station, newspaper, magazine or online company is extremely demanding. Boost your own skills so you can get better performance from your staff.

News Internships that Work
News internships can be valuable for your media company and for college students. Know the 5 steps to make news internships more than just an empty experience for students and a nuisance for you.

How to Dominate Breaking News Coverage
Breaking news creates an opportunity for a news manager to showcase his leadership and achieve success. Develop a news coverage plan to outline instructions to your staff when a big story breaks to give your audience the coverage it demands.

How to Handle Complaints Against Your Media Brand
Prepare yourself to handle complaints against your media company. Get advice on how to handle angry customers so that you soothe their feelings without losing them.

Start a Newsroom Mentorship Program
A newsroom mentorship program is a great way to help your newest employees. They can learn the tricks of the news trade from your seasoned pros.

News Planning with a Newsroom Retreat
News planning often goes ignored with the daily deadlines in most newsrooms. Take time for news planning at a newsroom retreat so you can meet your management goals and improve your product.

More Local News Can Save Your Newspaper or TV Station
More local news is the way to more local profits for most newspapers or TV stations. By investing time and money to provide more local news to your audience, you'll have a better chance at survival against your competition.

Tips on Avoiding Twitter Trouble at Your Media Company
A short lapse of judgment can turn Twitter's 140 characters into a major crisis for your media company. Know how to avoid Twitter trouble so that you get the benefits of social media without getting burned.

Creating a Social Media Policy
Looking to draw the millions of social network users to your brand? It all starts by creating a rock-solid social media policy that tells your employees exactly how you want to be represented online.

10 Media Mistakes That Will Damage Your Brand
Most media mistakes bring only temporary headaches to an executive. But 10 media mistakes can inflict long-term damage to your brand unless you take steps to avoid them.

Media Crisis Survival Guide
A media manager isn't immune from facing the same type of media crisis that can hit any business. Know how to limit the damage a media crisis can cause so that you can protect yourself and your media company.

TV News Ratings Tips for Building Your Audience
TV news ratings are an important report card on the abilities of TV news managers to attract an audience. TV news ratings can be built in 10 key ways, using promotion, research and developing your on-air talent.

Boosting Morale in Your Newsroom
Boosting morale among newsroom employees is key to being a successful media manager. Make three changes in your newsroom aimed at boosting morale and watch your employees deliver better results.

Why You Should Hold a Newsroom Retreat
A newsroom retreat is a key management tool for improving your news product. Holding a newsroom retreat will help you refocus your staff to meet your print, broadcast or online media company's goals.

Retreat Ideas for Your Newsroom
Retreat ideas for your newsroom will get the conversation going when you seek to set goals and conduct long-range planning. Use these broad retreat ideas, then pinpoint the specific demands of your newsroom to have a successful meeting.

Work Retreat Do's and Don'ts for Your Newsroom
Conducting a work retreat for your newsroom can be a valuable planning tool. Know the do's and don'ts of a work retreat so that your meeting can bring successful change to your newsroom operations.

Focus Group Research in Media
Focus group research is a powerful tool in media management. Discover how you can gather your customers to get answers about your media product and how focus group research provides a direction you could take to build your media audience.

Media Goals to Build Your Company
Media goals will help you build your revenue, audience size and branding. Setting media goals is a critical task for managers in broadcast, print or online media.

Reduce Operating Expenses at Your Print Publication
Manage your print publication by cutting costs while still putting out a quality product. Monitor your resources so that you know where your dollars are being spent and whether you can recoup your costs at the newsstand.

SWOT Analysis Helps Build Your Media Company
SWOT analysis gives you a road map toward building your media company. Taking the time to conduct a SWOT analysis of your business will show you the best ways to increase your audience while protecting your brand against competition.

How to Hire a Freelance Writer
An effective media manager knows how to generate maximum content, even with fewer resources. You can give your staff an extra set of hands by hiring a freelance writer, if you know the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Using a Guest Editor
Managers often struggle with the decision to bring someone in from outside to serve as a guest editor. Before you make your decision, consider the potentially good and bad consequences of turning your media brand over to a guest editor.

Have a Special Guest Edit Your Next Issue
Asking a special guest to edit your next issue or social media pages can get you free publicity and new readers. Walk through the steps you need to pick the right person to guest edit for your media outlet while protecting your brand from an outsider.

Should You Hire Entry Level Media Workers?
In tough economic times, hiring entry level media workers can give your budget a break. But managing and developing inexperienced staff members require special skills. Boost your chances for success while you invest your time and talents nurturing the next generation of media professionals.

How to Hire a Web Content Writer
The success of your media website depends on finding the best content writer for the job. It takes a special combination of talent for your content writer, sometimes called a content producer, to have the most impact on your website and your media company. While no two sites are the same, meeting the basic skill requirements will help your...

News Management Help for Meeting Sales Goals
Your performance as a news manager may be judged on factors beyond journalism. Learn how to work effectively with your sales department to meet revenue goals without giving up your journalism ethics standards.

Union Survival Guide for Media Pros
Media unions have become an endangered species as technology continues to change and mergers threaten to eliminate them. With a media union survival guide, unions can take advantage of their circumstances to reenforce their importance and leverage jobs at the same time.

Dangers in Requiring News Coverage as Part of Sales Promotions
Sales promotions give your news department a publicity boost. While sales and news departments have to work together, what happens when the sales department signs a sales promotions agreement that requires a news department to provide coverage?

Follow Journalism Ethics in Forming a Partnership with a Business
Journalism ethics questions are raised any time a business offers a news department a partnership deal. Know the steps to take to set up a partnership while maintaining the standards of journalism ethics.

Reporting Bad News Involving a Sales Partner
Providing fair news coverage can be difficult when you're faced with reporting bad news about a business or community group that has a sales partnership with your company. Find solutions that serve your news audience while maintaining your sales relationship.

Maintain Journalism Ethics When Appearing at Sales Events
Journalism ethics are one of the hallmarks of the profession. But often journalists are required to make public appearances on behalf of their company, including at sales department functions. You can interact with clients while maintaining good journalism ethics if you know the limits of professional behavior.

Keep Journalism Ethics While Endorsing Products
Journalism ethics would seem to clash with any request for a product endorsement. There are some situations when these endorsements are acceptable, even beneficial to your news department. Set your journalism ethics guidelines for your news department before any member of your team is approached to endorse a product.

Beware of Handling Money as Part of Sales Promotion Events
It seems harmless for news department staff members to appear at sales promotion events involving the exchange of money. But you're setting yourself up for problems if your news department takes charge of handling cash at a sales event. Set guidelines on what news professionals should do when helping out in the community.

How To Be a Better Manager
A news team is only as good as its leader. From picking the best employees to being an effective communicator, these 10 pointers can make you a more effective manager.

Monitor and Control Worker Behavior
Are your employees working as hard as they could be? Bring the best out in them when you measure their performances.

Develop Effective Work Relationships
Some bosses thrive on being the demon workers fear. Others want to be every employee's best friend. Develop work relationships that make you a respected manager who motivates employees to give their all in the newsroom.

What Do Your Employees Want?
You think you know your employees, but do you know what they really want out of you? Look through their eyes to improve their work environment, attitudes and productivity.

Media Management
Get the tools you need to be a more effective media manager. From hiring a staff to keeping up with the latest media trends, find help in making your business more productive.

Media Strategy and How to Plan Your Media Company's Future
Media strategy is an important planning tool for all media managers. Learn the 5 steps in planning your media strategy so that you'll reach your goals three to five years from now.

The Dangers of Focus Group Questions
Focus group questions must be selected strategically and asked skillfully in order to get an accurate look at your media company. Avoid the common mistakes that will skew your media research and could lead to poor management decisions.

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