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Brand Building

In a crowded media marketplace, branding is essential to survival. Discover ways to build a stronger brand from creating a distinctive design to unique content that will set you apart from the rest.

Why Media Pros Are Terrible at Advertising Their Brand
No one knows your media brand better than you. Find out why you may not be the best person at launching an advertising campaign for your newspaper, TV or radio station.

Design a Media Logo
Design a media logo in 5 steps. The results should tell your audience who you are and why you should be trusted for information and entertainment.

Advertise Your Media Brand
You produce an excellent newspaper or radio or TV broadcast. But you still need to advertise your media brand to find your audience. Know how to create effective advertising that will get results for your media company.

Brand Management Tips for Media
Growing your audience will be easier with brand management. Separate your media brand from the clutter of your competitors with six tips.

3 Steps to Boost Your Media Brand
It takes just 3 steps to boost your media brand. Find out why each step is critical and must be completed in the proper order for you to be successful.

6 Types of Media Advertising
Building your media brand often includes paid advertising. Know which of six types of ads will be the most effective in growing your audience.

Advertising Your Media Brand in Creative Ways
Advertising your media brand may have put you in a rut of using the same old on-air spots or print ads. Expand the advertising of your media brand in creative ways that will also be memorable.

Brand Guidelines and the Do's and Don'ts for Your Media Company
Brand guidelines are a must if your media company is to stand out in the marketplace. These do's and don'ts are brand guidelines that can help any media company find its niche.

Media Competition and Surviving a Rival's Attacks
Media competition between rival newspaper, radio or TV stations can lead to attacks on your media brand. Know how and when to respond to media competition when a rival makes phony claims.

Why Your Target Audience Is Critical to Your Media Brand's Success
Your target audience should not include everyone, even if you work for a large mass media company. Know how to define your target audience, so that you speak directly to the people who will most help you build your media brand.

Call to Action and How It Will Help Your Media Brand
Call to action is often overlooked when a media company wants to build its audience and revenue. But a call to action is critical to your brand's survival in the face of your competition.

Billboard Advertising for Your Media Company
Billboard advertising is an effective way to advertise your media brand. These tips will help you get the most out of a billboard advertising campaign.

MTV Brand Lessons for All Media
The MTV brand is one of the most successful in all of media. Position your own media brand by learning how the MTV brand reaches its desired audience.

10 Media Mistakes That Will Damage Your Brand
Media mistakes can happen without warning, and inflict long-term damage to your media brand. Know the dangers of 10 common media mistakes so you can avoid them.

Media Crisis Survival Guide
A media crisis threatens the media brand you spent years to build. Manage a media crisis by planning how you will respond when your company is under fire.

How Investigative Reporting Can Help or Hurt Your Media Brand
Investigative reporting can help build your media brand. Before you decide that investigative reporting is right for you, consider whether it could actually hurt your company.

Change the Image of Your Media Brand
Your media image is vital in building your brand. Discover how your audience sees your media image and what you can do to improve it.

Improving Media Attitudes Toward Your Brand
Media attitudes help drive customers toward your media brand. Change media attitudes so that you can influence behavior and get more people to trust your company.

Changing the Media Behavior of Your Audience
Media behavior patterns determine why your audience chooses once source for information and entertainment over another. Know how to alter behavior so that you can shift the audience toward your media brand and away from your competitors.

Publicity Stunt Dangers for Your Media Brand
A publicity stunt may grab attention, but it can easily become dangerous for your media brand. Know the limits of a publicity stunt so your audience doesn't feel tricked or humiliated.

Hold a Media Contest to Build Your Brand
A media contest builds your brand by attracting new users. But before you decide to hold a huge giveaway promotion or competition, know what it takes to make your contest successful.

Use Direct Mail to Advertise Your Media Brand
Direct mail can be more than just pizza coupons in your mailbox. Use direct mail to grow the audience for your media company, by targeting select homes and delivering information that's of value to the people living there.

Achievement Awards Can Build Your Media Brand
Achievement awards are an important media brand-building tool. Use them to build your brand identity and draw new people to your broadcast, print or online property.

Community Outreach Strategies for Media
Put your media brand-building strategy into overdrive with a targeted community outreach program. Connect with your users face to face to build loyalty that comes with a long-term personal relationship.

Topical Promotion Can Boost Your TV News Ratings
Topical promotion is a key building block toward branding your TV newscast. Get tips on how to make your topical promotion drive viewers to your newscast over your competitors.

Image Promotion That Will Build Your TV Newscast Ratings
Image promotion is a vital brand-building tool for any TV station. Learn how to create a brand for your TV station's newscasts through long-term image promotion strategies.

Build Your Media Brand on the Internet
Building your media brand takes careful planning. In five easy steps, you can start developing a powerful media brand using the Internet.

Build Your Radio Brand
Build your radio brand by doing more than playing music and selling advertising. Get the results you want by reaching listeners through your airwaves and beyond.

Build Your Magazine Brand
Build your magazine brand so it stands out on a crowded newsstand. Transform your magazine from its cover through your articles and graphic design so that your publication gets noticed.

Use Facebook to Boost Your Media Brand
Anyone who works in media can build a brand through Facebook. Reach out to your users where they spend their free time in order to draw them to your company.

Use Twitter to Build Your Media Brand
Twitter's 140-character limit is actually a benefit in building your media brand. Use targeted words and Twitter's immediacy to send a concise and focused message.

Set Brand-Building Goals
Your media outlet needs goals in order to measure your successes and the areas where you need to improve. Set goals and put them in action to build a media brand that tops your competition.

How To Define Your Brand
You know what you want to accomplish with your magazine, newspaper, website, TV or radio station. You just don't know how to get there. Defining your brand is the first step in achieving your goals.

Make Your Brand Memorable
Standing out from the your competitors is a must in the media marketplace. Be first in your readers' or viewers' minds in five steps.

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