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Pros and Cons of Working in a Larger TV Market - Media - About.com
TV market size is sometimes considered a barometer for success in the television industry. But find out how working in a larger TV market comes with pros and ...
The Pros and Cons of Media Careers - About.com
... demanding and full of personal sacrifices that have to be made to get to the top . Weigh the pros and cons of this career choice before deciding if working in TV, ...
TV Reporter Career Profile - Media - About.com
As with most jobs in television, the salary for a TV reporter varies depending on a range of factors. An entry-level TV reporter working in a small DMA could earn ...
Working in Reality Television - Film / TV Careers
If you've ever thought about working in reality TV, there are some hard truths you' ll need to know before showing up for your first day of work.
TV News Careers - Who Works in a Television Newsroom?
Learn about the occupations of those who work in tv news and find out if one of ... Working under them are other producers who tend to hands-on tasks such as ...
How To Troubleshoot HDMI Connection Problems - Home Theater
To find out what to do when your HDMI connection doesn't seem be working, check ... This most often results in not being able to see anything on a TV screen.
How To Get An Entry Level Entertainment Job If ... - Film/TV Careers
Most of these positions are administrative positions such as working as someone's assistant for a few days or weeks. At first glance these jobs might not seem all ...
How to Get Started in a Film or Television Career - Film/TV Careers
Most of the training they received was while working on the job for which I strongly believe there is no real substitute. But, here are a few pieces that will help you ...
How to Get a Production Internship in Film and TV - Film/TV Careers
The benefits you derive from an internship program are: 1) you get the hands on experience you can't get unless you're actually working on the job; 2) you meet ...
Film/TV Careers: New York vs. Los Angeles
If you're trying to decide whether or not you need to move out to Los Angeles or New York to follow your dreams of working television and film, you need this ...
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